Uninspired, like the wearer

How would you describe your personal style?

If you asked me that, I’d probably have a really hard time coming up with the answer. I’ve never considered myself a fashionista, but I have always loved clothes. Right now, however, my fashion cents add up to zero. Which leaves me no option but to shop in my own closet.

I left my full-time job with a local newspaper after nearly two years to pursue “something else.” For now I have a part-time job as program director of a small after school program. Children don’t really care how you look, so of course you don’t bother putting effort into your appearance.

Almost every week on my way out the door, my mom asks in a horrified tone, “Why are you wearing that?!” She shakes her head and recalls how in her younger years, she often got compliments on her own ensembles of choice. “How are you so unstylish when your mom was so fashionable?” I can also name at least two relatives who have not-so-subtly pointed out on separate occasions that between my sister and myself, I’m the drab one.

Well, this ends today! I’ve been told I have some universally fashion-forward pieces in my closet. Naturally, those are the ones I never touch. I still haven’t found my chosen profession, and though everything feels right now as if it’s beyond my control, the way I dress isn’t. The challenge now is reinventing my wardrobe using my own closet. But that’s what you’ve gotta do sometimes when you’re broke and your look needs fixing.

June 7, 2011 : Cobalt blue Old Navy jersey t-shirt dress and hunter green American Eagle low peep toe wedges. At least I kept cool and comfortable, but the look got no second looks.


One thought on “Uninspired, like the wearer

  1. I know exactly how you feel! I have an admiration for fashion, but sometimes it is hard to portray the same looks that I love (or have the confidence to do it!). It is especially hard when you have a tight budget. Just gotta work with what ya got sometimes! xo

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