Starting over, sweet and simple

I will probably never have a closet stocked with designer pieces. I would just rather invest that money in something less transient than designer clothing, which becomes obsolete with each new season’s runway show.

I’m not the first to blog by the “dress to impress for less” code (see “Real Girl Glam,” a blog I recently stumbled upon and am taking style cues from), and I certainly won’t be the last. If no one else, I hope to challenge myself.

I’m not looking to become a trendsetter, the wearer of avant garde looks. My 5’0 frame (have you ever realized that just about anything looks good on a 5’10 model?) and limited budget  render that ridiculous and nearly impossible.

June 10, 2011: Forever 21 belted green ikat print skirt, I Heart Ronson cream button back sweater, Montego Bay Club black peep toe espadrilles, The SAK beige woven bag, no brand sunglasses from a street fair.

Everything was purchased from relatively inexpensive stores. This is the first time I paired these pieces together. One of the things I’m going to push myself to do through the writing of this blog is to mix up random pieces in my closet. The outcome will probably be more misses than hits, but it’s a risk I’m willing to take in the name of restyling my very blah look.

I can’t tell you the number of times my sister and I have joked we’re lucky we aren’t celebrities. If that were the case, our style flubs would  constantly be replayed on magazine pages.

My biggest gripe about the featured outfit is the length of the skirt. I had to pull it lower on the hips because I work at a kids’ after school program, not a go-go bar. But because of this minor alteration, the skirt kind of had a flattening effect to the rear area.

Despite the minor alteration, this simple ensemble actually exceeded my expectations. I’ve had both the top and skirt for a few years now, each worn once or twice. All this time the top was especially troubling to me because let’s face it – what is the point of a short sleeved sweater?  It’s too cold for the winter and it’s too hot for the summer. Luckily the top and skirt are both made of very thin materials, so I stayed comfortably cool despite the heat.

Ultimately I’m really glad the sweater survived my multiple closet purgings. At least now I know there’s at least one possible pairing for it.


4 thoughts on “Starting over, sweet and simple

  1. My sister is taking the pics for me on MY PHONE! I can only really photograph in broad daylight, or else it’s blurry. I WISH I had some random photographer stalker sending me photos taken on a professional camera.

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