Mama doesn’t always know best

This morning when I showed my new blog to my mom (yes, I still live at home. I come from a family of buyers!), she attempted to deliver a lecture on ‘warm’ and ‘cool’ colors. She gave orange as an example of a warm color, to which I responded I rarely, if never, wear orange.

Since it was a brisk day, I pulled on a pair of jeans and solicited my mom’s opinion in completing the rest of my outfit. I tried on a taupe colored top, which mama approved of, but she didn’t like the way the asymmetrical hem peeped out from any outerwear I owned. She hates when I wear cropped  tops and jackets, grumbling that I think it looks so great when in reality it looks terrible. HELLO! I’m 5 freaking feet tall – nothing average length is cut right for me!

So back to this morning. Because of the outerwear issue, I changed into a longish lace cami. “You’re like an old lady,” mom said when I tried on a couple of thick sweater coats. “It’s summer.”

I am of the belief that it’s always better to wear more than less. You can always peel off a layer if you get hot, but you’re screwed if you get cold.

For some crazy reason, I chose today to listen to my mom. Against my better judgment, at mom’s prodding, I settled on a rather androgynous thin black cardigan to wear over my camisole. I shivered for 12 hours in chilly open air and air conditioned establishments. It didn’t help that I’m sick, but since the idea of this blog is to spend little money on new items, I toughed it out. Lesson learned: listen to your instincts! Mom also told me not to wear a belt, but I did it anyway. Yeah, I’m such a rebel.

June 11, 2011: Charlotte Russe cream lace cami, Old Navy black cardigan, Refuge blue jeans, Dooney & Bourke navy satchel, Kenneth Cole Reaction gray sunglasses, Nine West black boots, no brand black pleather belt I got from the kids section of Toys R Us (I was just as shocked) years ago. In hindsight, I might’ve chosen a different top and pair of shoes to wear with the outfit because it shortened the appearance of my already short legs. You live, you learn!


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