Empowerment through unsubscribing

Today I took one small step for my email inbox, one giant leap for my willpower: I unsubscribed myself from nearly 30 online merchants’ email lists. Among them were some of my faves like Forever 21, Charlotte Russe, Old Navy, Nine West, and some I’ve been meaning to make purchases from for ages, such as RueLaLa and LuLu’s. It really hurt to do it because I kept thinking of all the future styles and promotions I’d be missing out on, but I decided it was for the best. If I want something, I’ll seek it out; I can’t in good conscience allow temptation to sit in my inbox, waiting to rob me of what little discretionary money I do have.

I was sick after braving the elements in a thin black cardigan yesterday, but instead of enjoying a full day of rest, I was dragged out to BJ’s Wholesale Club because neither my mom nor sister drive. I kept the shirt I had worn to bed and threw something together in less than a minute. I’ve been very lazy about applying makeup daily, but that should change soon, as I’ve said for years. As for the outfit? Nothing great, but not too bad, for slumming it.

June 12, 2011: Old Navy yellow t-shirt and black jacket, Uniqlo blue jeans, Mudd rainbow circle scarf, Montego Bay Club python sandals, Dooney & Bourke navy satchel. FYI, we didn’t buy Bounty.


One thought on “Empowerment through unsubscribing

  1. I don’t know what you’re talking about. This is way cuter than anything I would’ve grabbed out of my closet to wear to BJ’s. I would’ve been in sweats. I’ve always thought you and your sister picked out the cutest outfits!!

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