Your office or mine?

What I call business casual, most people would classify as everyday office wear. I know, I know – countless women’s magazines have told me I need to invest in an all-occasion pantsuit, but until I find the right one, I’ll have to continue scrambling for a skirt-blouse or pants-cardigan ensemble every time a business casual gathering crops up.

None of the offices I’ve worked in observe a dress code, so I was always free to be in my jeans and tees. Which may explain why I had such a hard time deciding what to wear to a  job fair on Thursday, which I was required to attend as an interviewer. Granted, it was a job fair for high school and college students, who can be pretty clueless about office culture, but I intended to dress the part of a semi-professional in hopes of looking a little less awkward than they. I wasn’t trying to look all business, but I didn’t want to be too casual either. Did I succeed, or should I go with an intentionally mismatched jacket (an idea I nixed because of the warm weather) next time?

P.S. Please ignore the stupid hand-in-pocket thing. I still haven’t mastered the art of not looking awkward in these shots. Gonna take me awhile!

June 16: Ann Taylor Loft oatmeal cardigan, Giordano pink tank, Express Design Studio black pants, Mossimo pewter sandals, Longchamp purple tote, Forever 21 clear/brown/smoke necklace.


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