Wimpy summer style budget pending

A recent development at work has revealed I’m going to need to pinch even more pennies than I’d originally anticipated. When I took this job in January, I knew it would mean shopping less and saving more, but I was looking forward to splurging a little come summertime.

Well, friends, summer is here, and it looks like I won’t be treating myself to much. I am going on a three-week Hawaiian [family] vacation next month, and I would rather spend on luaus and new experiences than party frocks and accessories. I know my memories will last longer than this season’s trends.

Still, it’s unrealistic for me to promise I won’t buy anything, so I want to allot a tiny amount of money for the occasional bargain find. I usually go wild at the end-of-summer sales, but this year I’ll have to exercise some self control. What’s a reasonable amount to set aside? $100? Too much, too little? What can I even buy for a hundred bucks?! Not even a seat at a luau, I’ll bet. Somebodies, give me some guidance on how to make it through summer on a really tight budget.

Maybe it won’t be as hard as I’m thinking it will be. I reached into my closet last weekend and found this dress, which was purchased at least two years ago, and the tags hadn’t even been removed yet. What other long forgotten items are hiding in that black hole? Guess we’ll find out soon enough.

June 25, 2011: American Eagle Outfitters green striped dress, Charlotte Russe black quilted circle bag, Nine West white wedge sandals, H&M faux pink leather bow cuff, pink glitter bangles (a gift from India from my cousin), Skagen watch, Tiffany silver ribbon heart necklace,  New York & Company aviator glasses.


12 thoughts on “Wimpy summer style budget pending

  1. Limiting yourself to $100 will cause you to be much more frugal with your spending. You’ll find out what you really want/need and it might help inform your future choices. I like the idea and the outfit.

  2. I love this outfit! Hawaii is amazing I hope you have lots of fun! (Don’t forget your big floppy hat if you got one! the sun is brutal)

    • I WISH I had a fabulous floppy hat, but all I have is a straw hat I bought in the Bahamas last year, which is bound to get crushed in my suitcase. AND the point is to not spend $ on clothing/accessory items unless I must have them. Oh well, it’s Hawaii! – I doubt I’ll be worrying about my silly non-floppy hat! Miss ya Celine!

  3. Love your outfit and your blog!
    I completely understand what you mean. I’ve got a closet full of nothing and some have been untouched! What was I thinking?

    I agree. It’s best to set a budget, realistic or not. There are plenty of fun and cheap things to do in Hawaii when our family went on vacation last year. I didn’t enjoy the Luau we went to, it was a waste of money. I enjoyed hunting down local foodie places more than the evening we spent there, and the beautiful free scenery!!

    Hope you have fun =)

    • I’ve never been to Hawaii before, so I’m worried my tiny amount of savings is going to get wiped out. What luau spot did you go to, just so I can avoid it myself? Packing isn’t going to be fun, and I don’t even have beautiful new summer dresses to look forward to wearing, but I’m still psyched. I’ll be in Maui and Honolulu…any suggestions for must-eat places? Thanks for the comment!

    • Pft what do you mean great photographer? Why is part of my head cut out then?!? [Half] kidding. Thanks for doing it 🙂

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