What’s new, pussycat?

It’s time to start blogging again as I prepare for the next mini chapter of my life. Summer camp ends in two weeks, bringing to a close my time working with kids. I’ll likely stay until I find a new job or until they find a replacement, but I will officially be a free agent. They say money can’t buy happiness, but I think it could at least afford me some comfort and hopefully, eventually, new threads : )

Ever since summer camp started, my style goals have been put on hold. A daily outfit generally consists of shorts, a tee and sneakers. I have been biking or walking to work in an effort to cut my spending even more. Since I show up with helmet hair and drenched in sweat, there’s almost no point in dressing up or putting on makeup. One of my camp kids pointed out the other day that my hair was a mess. So much for children not caring about appearances.

I am back from my Hawaiian vacation, and though I packed a few cute items, I kind of just gave up since I didn’t start packing until the night before. I visited the islands of Oahu and Maui, where there was a lot less pressure to dress up than in New York! Not that there weren’t any fashionable chicks roaming the streets, but the style for the most part was very laid back…Honolulu is my kind of city! I did manage to obtain a few new items there: a maxi dress ($13.60), graphic tee ($10.41) and two pairs of glass stud earrings ($20.83). Before I left, I also purchased a floppy sun hat from my local Target ($12.34). This brings my total spent to $57.18. Deducted from the $100 budget I set in my last post, it leaves me with only $42.82 to spend on clothing and accessories for the rest of summer.

Glass button earrings, Maui Rainbow Jewelry, $10/pair.
Couldn’t resist these gems…They’re even prettier in person!

Floppy hat, Mossimo Supply Co., which I wore
while trying to fish in Maui. I caught nothing.

So what else is new? Aside from the vacation and impending job search, not much. I finally got around to doing something with my hair, right before I left for vacation. After very little thought, I decided to go with long layers and side bangs. It’s not drastically different from before, but it makes my very straight hair look less flat, plus I missed having bangs to frame my round head!

I hate these catch-up posts, but this is what happens when you slack off on your blogging duties. No more of that. Well, folks, I’m baaaaaack!


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