A Night Out with fellow bloggers

My computer is okay now! A virus and malware can’t keep me from my blogging duties and pleasures.  Here is my long overdue recap of Blogger’s Night Out, exactly one week after the fact.

I was lucky to catch wind of the first ever Blogger’s Night Out, which took place on September 9th at the Pranna Restaurant and Lounge in NYC. Everyone looked fabulous, and it was a really great opportunity to meet fellow style bloggers. I have to admit that I was kind of intimidated, though; I’m really new to the style blogosphere, and the point of my blog is that I don’t really HAVE style, and my quest is to build it! People were mingling with the writers of blogs they follow, so I kind of just hung around and scoped out the sponsors represented, which included Lulu’s, Open Sky, Tortoise & Blonde, Zoya Nail Polish and more. Some sleazy-looking guy tried to talk to me about blogging, but I ignored him because he was obviously just using the event as an opportunity to pick up chicks. Scumbag! I saw other guys trying to pounce on bloggers as well.

Received a goodie bag with a six pack of nail colors from Zoya, a jeweled lizard necklace from Send The Trend, samples of Jessica Simpson’s new perfume, and offers and promotional codes from other retailers. Also picked up a loose bottle of nail polish at the Zoya table. SCORE! At the end of the event, I finally worked up the courage to engage a few fashionistas. Real glad I did, else I would have missed out. I’m frequenting their blogs for some inspiration, and you should too! Check them out:

Emijaa Jaaemil : a Brooklyn-based blogger’s lookbook and online shop featuring handmade jewelry designs.

The Limerick Lane : the spot for fashion deals, coupons and freebies.

The Style & Beauty Doctor: get your daily dose of fashion and beauty tips for women of all shapes, sizes and races.

Style Cusp : where style and life’s basics come together, from the founder of Blogger’s Night Out. (This is actually how I found out about BNO!)

Velvet Moon Diaries : a freelance fashion designer and consultant’s inspiration journal of fashion, art, embroidery, travel and film.

There was another blogger’s site I really wanted to share, but since I MAY have gotten a virus from going to the site, I’ll wait until that’s cleared up before I share the link love.

Also, check out screenwriter/filmmaker Joshen McEwen’s super fun video of all that went down at Blogger’s Night Out. Catch me at 01:52 laughing like the goofball that I am!


*          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *


Keeping it simple at the BNO wall with a Joyce Leslie blue tunic (got it from a friend at a swap party, and I wear it everywhere!), black woven waist belt (got it at a boutique I can’t remember the name of in Fort Greene), I Heart Ronson black leggings, Nine West black suede buckle booties, Coach bronze signature bag (there’s a name label stuck on it which I forgot to peel off), Amuse peacock feather headband, pink and gold bangles, pink wire mesh ring and silver ring.

*          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *


Bloggers Toya and Faiza of The Limerick Lane and Velvet Moon Diaries, respectively.

*          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *


BNO swag: Zoya’s ‘Smoke’ nail polish collection, a jeweled lizard necklace from Send The Trend, $15 shopping credit from Open Sky, and more.


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