When spotty color’s a good thing

Summer is officially over, but I’m not ready to completely do away with warmer weather colors just yet. Right now, my “thing” is nail polishes. I just ordered a bottle of the OPI Shatter in black and white today. Can’t wait to get them and start experimenting! In the meantime, however, I will make do with what I already own.

I dug into my nail polish stash today and stumbled across a Hard Candy mini nail polish set my friend gave me in high school (ages ago, obviously). The color I selected (which sadly is now discontinued) is called Static, an iridescent blue-lavender shade I never appreciated until now. The slightly sloppy white dots were created with a bottle of Art Deco by L.A. Colors. You can pick up a couple bottles of these at a local Dollar Tree for a buck each! I was inspired by a nail art post on Refinery 29 to try out an adorable spotted  trend. My simplified version didn’t come out as neat or nice as the nail look sported in the picture, but it was a fun way to dabble in a trend that’s really quite simple to do. Try it! As for me, I’ll practice til I’m perfect : )


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