Sparkles in the winter gloom

Like many women, I’m addicted to colorful, glitzy things. The right accessory can take a plain outfit from boring to brilliant.  I’d been lusting after these Kate Spade Crystal Kaleidoscope earrings for awhile (Kate Spade, originally $98), but couldn’t bring myself to pay almost a hundred bucks for costume jewelry. Sadly, since they went on clearance for $43, they’ve been sold out. Where am I going to get my shiny fix now?

Enter a pair of colorful gem hair clips. When it’s cold, I’m tempted to just roll out of bed, bundle up, and head out the door to get wherever I need to be. I think these clips (Charlotte Russe, $4.50) could brighten up a look without too much effort on my part. They’re pretty spectacular, and only a fraction of what the Kate Spade earrings cost on sale. Haven’t been able to find myself a pair in stores, and I’ve been watching them for months, so I might have to go e-shopping to meet Charlotte Russe’s free shipping minimum. I need a new wardrobe, right? Yes. Can I afford it? Not really. But a certain milestone birthday is right around the corner…


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