Where, oh where, is my birthday suit?

I have exactly one week of being 24 left. After that, I’ll be checking off a brand new age range category. I’ve dreaded turning 25 since I hit my quarter life crisis over a year ago, and now that moment is just around the corner. But time stops for no one, so it’s time to just accept facts and age gracefully. On the bright side, I still have five years to turn my 20s around.

To make this difficult transition into the mid-20s a little easier, I decided to have a birthday party and invite all the people I’ve met at different moments of my life, both big and small. If even a fraction of the people I invited show up, I’ll be meeting people I haven’t seen in one, five, ten, fifteen years, all in one night. So obviously the big question is…what on earth am I going to wear?!? No, despite, the title of this post, I won’t be making an appearance in the buff, though I might bare some skin. At least I’ve got the shoe part figured out, though.


Recently bought the turquoise Nine West AroundTown platform mary janes I’d lusted after all fall, so I won’t pass up a chance to wear them, even if it means prancing around in painful 5 inch heels. Hey, for one night I get to be 5’5!!!


I’d love to buy a new dress, but being that I don’t know when it is I’ll land a full time job, maybe I should refrain from  spending on something I won’t even get to wear everyday. The one rule I have for my birthday outfit is that it cannot be black. I refuse to ring in 25, a number I’m already struggling with, clad in the color of mourning. NO! I’m gonna give it some thought this weekend. Should I go with these tried-and-true pieces I’ve worn before, or raid my sister’s (decidedly way more glamorous) closet? Both of the following pictures were taken at weddings. Seems I only get dressed up for weddings, and I’m a slob the rest of the time.


Me, second from left with my siblings, in a one-shoulder XOXO dress I got on eBay, and the red wrap I wore to prom.


I’m wearing a plain magenta Forever 21 flower dress and Mossimo pewter sandals.
My sister, right, is wearing a gorgeous blue graphic print Alexander McQueen for Target dress.


5 thoughts on “Where, oh where, is my birthday suit?

    • I know, maybe I’ll borrow it sometime. I’ll probably end up borrowing one of her dresses for my party, too, since she has SO many, and all the ones I’m considering from my closet are plain black.

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