Hitting the reset button

(May 25, 2012: Bitten by Sarah Jessica Parker denim jacket, H&M floral heart top, Old Navy skinny cargo pants, Gryson for Target woven shoulder bag, Le Tigre sunglasses)

Winter’s over, and summer’s just around the corner! Time to pack the black pea coats away and break out the bright colors (like the ones in this street mural of a subway). I have no more excuses for being lazy and dressing like a slob. Sad to say, but I didn’t post much through the winter or spring because I made very little effort in maintaining my appearance.

I even did an internship at a fashion PR firm from March through May, yet I just didn’t care enough to look my best. I left the internship to start a full time job at a dental office, and while this job probably won’t lead to discovering my dream career, I feel more comfortable in my own skin here. It’s safe to say that I should never pursue work in anything fashion related – I can’t keep up, and evidently, I don’t even care enough to try.

The reason I started this blog wasn’t to show off my awesome sense of style (obviously, right?). I started writing as a way of challenging myself to be the best version of myself I could be, starting from the outside, then moving on to the inside. I can admit I’ve done a pretty poor job of both. As this blog approaches its first birthday, I think it’s a fitting time to recommit myself to becoming better. Maybe the key is to start beautifying yourself from the inside first. Some say the way you look is a reflection of the way you feel about yourself. Either way, no more half assing it for me. In the words of How I Met Your Mother’s Barney Stinson, “CHALLENGE ACCEPTED.”


Please ignore my flyaway hairs, but I’ll be less sloppy in the future. Okay, I never win anything, so let me just take a moment to spotlight these two toned wooden disc earrings I scored through a giveaway, courtesy of one of my favorite budget-friendly style blogs, Fashion Smashion. Thanks for this gorgeous gift, Ashley, and congratulations on your 100th post! Looking forward to your next hundred.


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