There is such a thing as too neutral

Nothing screams “warm weather” more than light materials and neutral colors. This outfit really isn’t anything that special, but it’s the only pic I’ve taken in a bit so guess this will be my summer post, since it seems I now only update once per season. It doesn’t feel appropriate to wear short shorts to work, so I always wear them on my days off. Head-to-toe neutrals wash you out (especially when you have yellowish skin like mine), so a little pop of color is absolutely necessary. I love my lime green Indian-inspired quilted Vera Bradley tote, but I think I could’ve picked a brighter pair of shoes. They’re white with red stripes and a slight wedge (comfy and pretty), but orange sneakers would’ve been way more interesting.

(Robin K. crochet tank, Forever 21 cuffed shorts, Vera Bradley quilted tote, Mossimo cargo cap, floral sunglasses from a street fair, H&M faux snakeskin bracelet, American Eagle peep toe wedge sandals)


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