Storm weather woes

Farewell, Hurricane Sandy! Peace out, brutal Nor’easter! I just got my power back this week after nine days without electricity, so I’m going to celebrate by writing a short post. I spent most of those nights playing board games by flashlight with my sister. Then a friend offered to host a “girls’ night in” at her place (which had full electricity, heat, and hot water) last Friday night, so we spent our time eating pizza, enjoying wine and cheese, and painting our nails. Just wanted to share a few snapshots from this week of bad weather.


For a first-timer, my friend Jen did a pretty spectacular job of painting strawberries on my fingernails. She used a toothpick for the details, then painted on a matte top coat for a frosted, rather than shiny, look. Just in case anyone was contemplating inviting me to a lacquer party, I have over 70 bottles of nail polish. I kid you not.


Wine and cheese, please! Pinot grigio, with a selection of cheeses: smoked brie, white cheddar, and Swiss.


At home, first night of the blackout caused by Hurricane Sandy, playing the Game of LIFE with my sister by flashlight and lantern light.


Snow at the beginning of November? *sigh* It’s going to be a long winter.


3 thoughts on “Storm weather woes

  1. Love your strawberry nails. I need to diy them. I know about the snow right? It didn’t stick much here but it was so much worse other places.

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