A final word from the fair maiden


I chose to write today, for this is my last day as a “single lady.” Tomorrow, my guy and I are taking the subway over the Williamsburg Bridge to finally tie the knot after 8 years together. Long overdue, for sure, yet it still feels surreal. We’ve chosen to do it at this particular time for the very unromantic reason of spousal health insurance, but a wedding is happening…probably in a little over a year. We were very quiet about the engagement, only sharing the news with close friends and family. Writing about it on this blog won’t make a difference, since no one even reads it! But I still wanted to document this transition, because the next time I write, I will be a married woman.

I am planning a simple reception for 2015, so expect a lot of wedding-centric posts in the upcoming year. No bridezilla will you find here, though; just a girl who’s taking everything in stride. I started this blog as a girl who was aimlessly floating through her early 20s, and 3 years later, I feel like everything’s finally coming together. I’ve seen so much positive change over the past year: I got the job, the guy, and the ring I wanted. I may not be the richest, smartest, or most beautiful person out there, but it feels like I could compete for the title of luckiest girl, at least in my little corner of the universe.

Details and photos to come on my City Hall nuptials.


4 thoughts on “A final word from the fair maiden

  1. YAYYY CONGRATS CUZ!!!! Eric, welcome to the family! City Hall is the way to go! I just saw your post minutes before seeing your email – am proud to say I’ve been a long time subscriber and always love reading your posts. Love your writing and looking forward to hearing more about your daily musings and wedding plans. Let me know if you need any help!! Can’t wait to see pics!

  2. I am just soooo happy for two of you. Wishing you shared the happiest and sadest together.

    Love auntie Rebecca

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