The creativity dilemma

Happy belated New Year, everyone! Recently, while pulling an overnighter at work, with no one for company but the singers on my Spotify playlist, I found myself scribbling phrases and drawing doodles in a notepad. By the end of the night, I had written a poem which is somewhat indicative of where I am professionally. I enjoy what I do for the most part, but sometimes it becomes tedious and uninspiring. Take a gander at one of my workplace ramblings.

Pearl Street Blues

I avoid the clock like a plague,
Afraid to read the hands which dictate my fate.
The night is young, but I am not.
Silence makes me all too aware.
Tinny lyrics croon of wild imaginings
As I struggle to find my creative pulse.
This costume I wear constricts its flow.
When day breaks, I will dream in color
But until then there is darkness.
Boredom is a bi*ch.

While I wouldn’t describe myself as an artist, I do consider myself a creative person. When I used to write for a local newspaper, individuality was encouraged. In my current situation, the goal is to do the job to the best of my ability, but stay under the radar of my superiors, lest I get into trouble. That’s why I’ve kept this blog [fairly] updated – it’s my space for reflection, self-discovery, and imagination. Plus, I’m trying to keep my writing skills sharp – they may help me advance within the organization somewhere down the line.

On a lighter note: something I’ve been casually playing around with for awhile now is jewelry making. I like to “upcycle” old, unfashionable jewelry items into simple, wearable pieces. It doesn’t require too much skill, just a steady hand and an eye for pretty things. Armed with an old pair of pliers I found in my mom’s house, I twist metals and string beads to my heart’s content. So that’s my flavor of the month. Who knows, maybe I’ll finally pick up those oil pastels, acrylic paints, and canvas magnets sitting in the corner of my apartment.



I’ve collected beads for years. I made these earrings as a friend’s Christmas gift.



I wore these earrings, made out of old necklaces, to a New Year’s Eve party.



A braided ring of metal wire and metallic seed beads.



The special occasion bracelet I reach for when I want sparkle, fashioned out of one of my sister’s broken earrings, and beads from an old faux pink pearl necklace.



I enter my late-20s next month, and this blog is all about doing things to get to a point where I’m comfortable in my own skin. I didn’t make a New Year’s resolution, so you’re hearing it here first: beginning in 2015, I pledge to be my most creative self, whether it be mentally, visually, artistically, musically, culinarily, or all of the above. My resolve will be put to the test as I help plan my best friend’s summer wedding and my own autumn wedding. Really looking forward to incorporating some of those awesome DIY details I’ve seen featured on so many blogs. Stay tuned to see if I stay true to my word. Commence the creativity challenge!


Hitting the reset button

(May 25, 2012: Bitten by Sarah Jessica Parker denim jacket, H&M floral heart top, Old Navy skinny cargo pants, Gryson for Target woven shoulder bag, Le Tigre sunglasses)

Winter’s over, and summer’s just around the corner! Time to pack the black pea coats away and break out the bright colors (like the ones in this street mural of a subway). I have no more excuses for being lazy and dressing like a slob. Sad to say, but I didn’t post much through the winter or spring because I made very little effort in maintaining my appearance.

I even did an internship at a fashion PR firm from March through May, yet I just didn’t care enough to look my best. I left the internship to start a full time job at a dental office, and while this job probably won’t lead to discovering my dream career, I feel more comfortable in my own skin here. It’s safe to say that I should never pursue work in anything fashion related – I can’t keep up, and evidently, I don’t even care enough to try.

The reason I started this blog wasn’t to show off my awesome sense of style (obviously, right?). I started writing as a way of challenging myself to be the best version of myself I could be, starting from the outside, then moving on to the inside. I can admit I’ve done a pretty poor job of both. As this blog approaches its first birthday, I think it’s a fitting time to recommit myself to becoming better. Maybe the key is to start beautifying yourself from the inside first. Some say the way you look is a reflection of the way you feel about yourself. Either way, no more half assing it for me. In the words of How I Met Your Mother’s Barney Stinson, “CHALLENGE ACCEPTED.”


Please ignore my flyaway hairs, but I’ll be less sloppy in the future. Okay, I never win anything, so let me just take a moment to spotlight these two toned wooden disc earrings I scored through a giveaway, courtesy of one of my favorite budget-friendly style blogs, Fashion Smashion. Thanks for this gorgeous gift, Ashley, and congratulations on your 100th post! Looking forward to your next hundred.

Sparkles in the winter gloom

Like many women, I’m addicted to colorful, glitzy things. The right accessory can take a plain outfit from boring to brilliant.  I’d been lusting after these Kate Spade Crystal Kaleidoscope earrings for awhile (Kate Spade, originally $98), but couldn’t bring myself to pay almost a hundred bucks for costume jewelry. Sadly, since they went on clearance for $43, they’ve been sold out. Where am I going to get my shiny fix now?

Enter a pair of colorful gem hair clips. When it’s cold, I’m tempted to just roll out of bed, bundle up, and head out the door to get wherever I need to be. I think these clips (Charlotte Russe, $4.50) could brighten up a look without too much effort on my part. They’re pretty spectacular, and only a fraction of what the Kate Spade earrings cost on sale. Haven’t been able to find myself a pair in stores, and I’ve been watching them for months, so I might have to go e-shopping to meet Charlotte Russe’s free shipping minimum. I need a new wardrobe, right? Yes. Can I afford it? Not really. But a certain milestone birthday is right around the corner…

When spotty color’s a good thing

Summer is officially over, but I’m not ready to completely do away with warmer weather colors just yet. Right now, my “thing” is nail polishes. I just ordered a bottle of the OPI Shatter in black and white today. Can’t wait to get them and start experimenting! In the meantime, however, I will make do with what I already own.

I dug into my nail polish stash today and stumbled across a Hard Candy mini nail polish set my friend gave me in high school (ages ago, obviously). The color I selected (which sadly is now discontinued) is called Static, an iridescent blue-lavender shade I never appreciated until now. The slightly sloppy white dots were created with a bottle of Art Deco by L.A. Colors. You can pick up a couple bottles of these at a local Dollar Tree for a buck each! I was inspired by a nail art post on Refinery 29 to try out an adorable spotted  trend. My simplified version didn’t come out as neat or nice as the nail look sported in the picture, but it was a fun way to dabble in a trend that’s really quite simple to do. Try it! As for me, I’ll practice til I’m perfect : )

Shop til you drop, with a few promo codes

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Hey all, I just wanted so share with you a few codes that I stumbled across at the most recent Bloggers Night Out event (a post on the event will appear later this week – my computer just crashed!). Check out these sites, then use the following codes to acquire some new threads and accessories at a prettier price. Let me know what you find. Happy shopping!

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What’s new, pussycat?

It’s time to start blogging again as I prepare for the next mini chapter of my life. Summer camp ends in two weeks, bringing to a close my time working with kids. I’ll likely stay until I find a new job or until they find a replacement, but I will officially be a free agent. They say money can’t buy happiness, but I think it could at least afford me some comfort and hopefully, eventually, new threads : )

Ever since summer camp started, my style goals have been put on hold. A daily outfit generally consists of shorts, a tee and sneakers. I have been biking or walking to work in an effort to cut my spending even more. Since I show up with helmet hair and drenched in sweat, there’s almost no point in dressing up or putting on makeup. One of my camp kids pointed out the other day that my hair was a mess. So much for children not caring about appearances.

I am back from my Hawaiian vacation, and though I packed a few cute items, I kind of just gave up since I didn’t start packing until the night before. I visited the islands of Oahu and Maui, where there was a lot less pressure to dress up than in New York! Not that there weren’t any fashionable chicks roaming the streets, but the style for the most part was very laid back…Honolulu is my kind of city! I did manage to obtain a few new items there: a maxi dress ($13.60), graphic tee ($10.41) and two pairs of glass stud earrings ($20.83). Before I left, I also purchased a floppy sun hat from my local Target ($12.34). This brings my total spent to $57.18. Deducted from the $100 budget I set in my last post, it leaves me with only $42.82 to spend on clothing and accessories for the rest of summer.

Glass button earrings, Maui Rainbow Jewelry, $10/pair.
Couldn’t resist these gems…They’re even prettier in person!

Floppy hat, Mossimo Supply Co., which I wore
while trying to fish in Maui. I caught nothing.

So what else is new? Aside from the vacation and impending job search, not much. I finally got around to doing something with my hair, right before I left for vacation. After very little thought, I decided to go with long layers and side bangs. It’s not drastically different from before, but it makes my very straight hair look less flat, plus I missed having bangs to frame my round head!

I hate these catch-up posts, but this is what happens when you slack off on your blogging duties. No more of that. Well, folks, I’m baaaaaack!

Hair insecurities

I’m sick this week, so it’s the perfect opportunity for me to talk about my blah hair. I have boring Asian hair. Every few years I might change it up for a short while, but then I always slip back into my default style: mid-length, straight, and parted slightly to one side. If your hair looks nice, you don’t even need to wear makeup, and yet you can still look pretty fabulous. A nice cut can also take an outfit from good to great, pulling your overall look together.

The problem is, I’m lazy and, let’s face it, pretty clueless. I allow my hair to air dry at night, and I don’t even brush my hair in the morning before I walk out the door. When my hair looks even messier than usual, I usually tie it back into a ponytail, only to take it out again because I feel self conscious without any strands framing my rather round face.

My guy prefers my hair long (how original – what guy doesn’t?), and though I loved my chin-length bob from years ago, I realize I’ve got my entire life to wear my hair short. Long gray/white hair just looks weird.  Before I leave for my three week vacation to Hawaii in July, I need a haircut, and I’m thinking I should get bangs. I want to keep it the same length, but I need some style, and it has to be low maintenance. I also have a pretty decent selection of hair accessories, but I don’t really know how to use them to boost my look. Any suggestions?