Holly after dentist

The lower part of my face has been swollen for days. I look like Quagmire from Family Guy!

The lower part of my face has been swollen for days. I look like Quagmire from Family Guy!


This past week, I took my second vacation. No trip planned this time, but 10 PAID days away from work sounded equally as appealing. So how exactly did I choose to spend my much anticipated stay-cation? Recovering from oral surgery, of course. I had all 4 of my impacted wisdom teeth removed in one visit, an intensive surgery requiring the oral surgeon to cut into my gums. I’ve heard many horror stories about the after math of this surgery, so I wanted to do it in one shot rather than splitting it up into multiple traumatizing experiences. One and done, folks!

The surgeon put me to sleep so I don’t remember a thing about the procedure, but I’ll never forget the recovery part of it. My face has been swollen for days, and at times it feels like someone punched me in the jaw. I have a hard time opening my mouth to shovel in food, but most of it I can’t even chew. I’m eating better than most oral surgery patients, though – turkey soup, congee, steamed rice rolls, hand pulled noodles with tripe, sticky rice wrapped in a lotus leaf. It makes me appreciate my Asian heritage even more. Man cannot live on bread and mashed potatoes alone!

The following is a series of photographs I found on my phone after that fateful dental visit, reminiscent of the “David after dentist” video on Youtube. My husband says I made him take these after my surgery because I wanted to see what my face looked like. I don’t even remember!




The new directions

Nope, this post isn’t an homage to the beloved TV show choir group of the same name, but a public declaration of this blog’s gear switching. Let’s face it, fashion isn’t my thing, and though I may still occasionally post about clothing and accessories, this blog needs a fresh perspective. When I started writing, I hoped that by challenging myself to look better on the outside, it would translate into me being better on the inside. Maybe I hoped to become more interesting, more creative, more…anything but the same old me. Maybe I still want that, only I’ve been going about it the wrong way. Applying my closet as a metaphor for my life again, everything is uninspired because I gravitate toward things that are easy, familiar, comfortable. My new self-challenge is simple: do things, however minute, that make me uncomfortable. That scare me. It’s not a brilliant plan or even an original one, but it’s one I care infinitely more about than what outfit I’m going to wear the next day. Not to knock all the style bloggers out there, but I’ll never be able to do what you do, even half as well as you do.

Since the direction of my blog is shifting, it seems only natural for it to receive a complete revamp. I’ll be thinking about formats, messing around with HTML, maybe even registering a domain at last. I’ve always been intimidated by the back end aspect of websites. Could this be my first “one thing that scares me” objective? Gonna cross my fingers this doesn’t turn out to be a total flop, or the disappointment may force me to quit blogging altogether!